When Quilts Fly

                                           brought to you by quilter & artist Judy Rohret.

Motto:  Find your passion, make it your job and it feels like you never go to work!

All When Quilts Fly quilt patterns are original designs by myself, Judy Rohret.  Applique is one of my passions and is featured in many of my quilt patterns. 

I love the look of turned edge applique, but soon realized that I wouldn't be around long enough to create all that I would like if I were to do this by hand.  So I needed to find a way to stitch my applique by machine and still maintain the look of needle turn.

 Using Applique Fiber I have developed a technique of machine applique that has the look of needle turn.  You can create beautiful applique quilts in a fraction of the time. 

Learn this technique in one of my classes or condensed technique instructions are included with an Applique Fiber purchase.


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